Step One

It’s been said a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. So here goes, my first step to creating my blog.
So many questions flood my mind: How does this program work? How do I link it to Twitter and Facebook? These are the logistical questions. I can easily  find answers to those questions. The hard questions for me are: What do you write about to make it interesting for others to read? Man, that is a hard question. It is the main reason I haven’t written this before now. I suppose the answer is Ms. Arleen. I’ll write about my life.

Who is Ms.Arleen? Statistically I’m a 49 year old,white female. I live in Cordova, Alabama. That’s cold static facts though. I will be the first to tell you I am more than facts. I am passionate about everything I do in life, from Espresso in the morning,to my artwork. I do nothing halfway. It’s full tilt or go to the house. I love the simplicity of the country-life but enjoy the connection to life in the city. I strive for excellence. So many times, I have fallen so short,but I ‘ve never stopped trying. Life has the recurring theme of duality for me.

In 2000, I moved from my little studio apartment in Birmingham back to the rural country home in which I was raised. My Dad had Black Lung, Dementia and heart disease and it was becoming more than Momma could handle alone. I came home to help. Somewhere in all that 12 years, I grew stronger as a woman and an adult, bearing more responsibility than ever before. I was given the gift of time with my parents,something I shall always treasure but I lost time for me. I have never said that before,I always felt like I was being selfish to even feel it. It’s true though,the days become years.

That brings me back to never stop trying. I recently started back to college. I’m studying Surgical Technology. Its hard at any age but for 49,soon to be 50,well some days it’s exhausting,yet exciting. (There’s the duality thing again)  I graduate in a year and finally begin the career I always wanted. I will still paint but I won’t have that nagging worry about finances.

So in a nutshell, this is an overview of Ms. Arleen. I’m not much different than any other woman. I have fears, fits and fights like the rest of us. Maybe thats the answer to the second question: Why would anyone want to read this? This blog is about life. The struggles, the adventures, the projects. It’s about something we all do on a daily basis, living life.   I will talk about my house and the struggles with repair (long story I will get to), about my garden (a new experience, this should be interesting) and my family, whom I love very much.

Ms. Arleen



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