Finally Cardio!!!

Finally we are studying my favorite specialty in surgery, Cardio-Thoracic Surgery! They tell you when you study medicine that there will be one particular specialty that will just click; mine is Cardio. I remember when I was a little girl I would sit in the hall with the encyclopedia reading about the heart. I couldn’t have been more than 8 or 9 but the heart was so fascinating to me even at that young age. For as long as I can remember I have had two great interests;medicine and art. I am incredibly humbled to be able to pursue both in my life.
I suppose I understand Cardiology because I have had so much exposure to it through Daddy’s illnesses.
He had five by passes at one time in 1994, then the first stroke in 2005. The pacemaker followed soon afterwards. Three months after that, it failed so he had to have the battery replaced(that is not as easy as it sounds). 2008 was a horrible year for Daddy. He was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy in the spring. This coupled with Black Lung from 46 years in the coal mines made it incredibly hard for him to breath or function. In November he had a renal stent for a blockage then in January 2009 he had the last major stroke. Three weeks later ( 2/5/09) the world lost a good man. This week marks four years since he past. I think he would be proud that I am studying medicine at 50 years of age. I also think he’ll be with me when I receive my degree this summer. I know every surgery I enter, even in the capacity of first assistant I will think of Mom & Dad. You tend to foster a heart of unending compassion and passion for your work when you treat patients as you would want your family and love ones treated.

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