Please watch this link- Sal’s World

Several days ago while surfing I ran across this link for an incredibly funny man named Vic Dibitetto. He has a video on bread & milk that reminded so much of the apocalyptic atmosphere in Alabama when the dreaded “S” word (whispering.. “snow”) is uttered. I swear, celiac-ridden, lactose intolerant people will flock to the Pig for bread and milk. But I digress..when I watched his video I laughed so hard I was crying. I wondered what other gems would be in the Vic Dibitetto vault at YouTube. Low and behold it leads me, as gleeful as munchkins down the yellow-brick-road, to a singer that knocked my socks off! This incredibly talented man named Sal Manzo sings in the style of Frank Sinatra. What’s not to like? Let me say, I lived in Vegas for six years, he could sing with the best of them. His cover of Billy Joel’s New York State of Mind is awesome. His charismatic personality is infectious (and ladies, as we say down here in the south, he’s not hard to look at) He has a reality show project in the works entitled “Sal’s World”. I would watch and you should too, but first let’s make this happen! Let’s generate interest in the show and get it on the air!  Please, dear friends, view the video and tweet the link.
Sal’s World link
Vic Dibitetto Bread & Milk link:
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