Bringing it up-to-date

Well this update of my blog (my apologies by the way, been awhile) finds me back in classes at Virginia College, Birmingham. I loved surgery but found I couldn’t stand the stresses of the OR on a daily basis. In the end my health got in the way. I am in Healthcare Reimbursement/Medical Billing & Coding. I graduate in August 2014.  I really enjoy this. It is what I call, mindful work. It brings together all of the things I use to love about Law and Insurance into one net little package. Yep, I am what you call a “thinker”.
On that note, I got to thinking about all the things I have done so far in my life. All the “adventures and “misadventures”. In the end it I have been given a chance to utilize the knowledge I’ve acquired along the way. I can even use the last year’s studies in Surgery Technology to code for Ambulatory surgery centers. So it has not all been for “naught”.
On the homefront, Momma seems to be happy with the newest additon to the family. She was given a little “teacup” chihuahua named Maxie. She’s about 9 months old now. She is full of energy and life, sometimes I think too much energy for my 80 year young Momma.  I try to help what I can but my cat Taz is not real thrilled with the idea of a “varmit” in the house. I say “varmit” because Taz looks at her as if she is a large rat. He gives me the “can I kill it” and “why are you dressing the rat?” look.  They do bring me comfort too though, so I understand Momma’s happiness with her dog. She has grieved so hard since Daddy passed. It is good to see her smile and laugh again. I treasure those moments when she is cooking in the kitchen and telling me the same story I have heard a gazillon time. I know one day I will be standing in a kitchen somewhere wishing I could hear her voice and those stories again.  I know for the past 14 years there has been no time for a relationship of my own with someone. Hell, I haven’t been on a date in such a very long time. I have traded all the things people normally do in life such as trips to the beach, dates and weekends in the mountains for my responsibilites here. Crazy thing is I would do it all again. One day there will be trips and hopefully the forces that be will see fit for a very handsome, funny, creative man to be by my side. Right now though I need to sign off and go to the kitchen. I smell Momma’s biscuits in the oven browning. Yum!

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