Just goes to show you, you never know….

Been quite sometime since I posted anything so thought I woud update. I graduated from Virginia College,Birmingham with my AS in Healthcare Reimbursement/Medical Billing Coding. Finally! Now onto finding a job. I have placed resumes with alot of companies and nothing yet. I did find out that Not many Corporations around my locale want to accept a VC BS degree. I am in online classes now but I will be withdrawing at the end of this quarter. I do not plan to pay $32,000 for something noone will recongnize. There is another college that is accredited; Western Governors University online.The degree is a BS in Health Informatics.  Much lower cost as well. Where I was paying $4500 a quarter, this is $2890 for six months! Much better deal!
I am scheduled to take my CPC in December. Hopefully, that will increase my odds of gaining employment.
All the developments of late have left me in a little bit of a depressed mood. So much on my mind. Mother is beginning to change even more. Her memory is getting worse, but the biggest change is the mood swings. She can be laughing one minute and incredible angry the next. I hate to leave her but I have to find work. In the meantime, I think I will begin painting again. Been quite some time since I lost myself in a project. Would be nice to just sit for hours, alone, to paint. If I had any sense I would pursue my BA in art studio with a minor in creative writing. If nothing else for me.  I love to Code and I will make a living coding but my passion is creating. I love to see bright colors on a white canvas. Nothing as exciting as the potential in a clean white canvas. Yep, time to paint. Speaking of which I have change the name of the artwork to Art By Ms. Arleen. I just felt it was a little less formal and more “me”.

Till next time.

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