Look What The Cat Dragged In

It appears it has been quite some time since I made a post.  A lot has happened.   Well I graduated. Finally got the prized piece of parchment that makes it official.  So now I know how to code. ICD-9, CPT, HCPCS. I even understand ICD-10. Still no employment. I have yet to pass the CPC. I took the test in April. All 5 hours and 50 minutes of it. The hardest test I have ever taken in my life!  I, like many others, did not pass my first go around. I suppose that is why you get a “retake” when you pay the fee.  So, to say the least, this really bummed me out. I walk into interviews and many, much younger than I, are sitting waiting. I hear the same thing. “Thank you for your interest”.  I will keep going. I always do.  So I turned it over to the universe, hoisted my sail and waited for the wind to take me in whatever direction it desired.

Next, Mother.  Speaking of the day I took the CPC. That was the day I came home to find Momma in the floor. One shoe over by the stove, the other one in the family room. She took a terribly tumble. I didn’t know how long she had been there. She didn’t have her phone near her. Thankfully, she didn’t break anything.  I try to not leave her much. I am filled with worry about her while I am gone. I can tell she is aging quickly. I can’t slow it down, as much as I want to. All I can do is be here for her. She gets confused sometimes. I have heard her say, “I know I am supposed to know who you are, but??” I take a deep breath and quietly tell her, “I’m your daughter, Arleen”. She nods. I say “take a deep breath” because it literally took my breath away to hear my Mother say she didn’t know me. My heart silently cried. I am glad to be home with her.  I suppose my not finding work is “the creator’s” agreement with me on the matter.  I have kept busy though. I pulled out my art “toys” and started creating again.  I have tried to give life to all the characters I created in Vegas. All the little doodles, drawings and sketches I have taken from black/white to lively color.  A lot of the credit goes to this wonderful computer we bought. It is especially for artist. We got an HP Sprout. I adore it. If you have never seen one, by all means google or YouTube it! You will be amazed. It is a pretty pricey piece of equipment but I feel worth every penny. I suppose it’s a testament to the faith of my family in me. I am humbled when they tell me I will make more financially with my artwork than I ever will working outside of the home.  I am humbled and thankful to have them in my corner.

I begin my classes online the 7th of September. Originally I was going to attend Arizona State online. Majoring in Creative writing. Well. We haggled about the amount of transfer credit they were going to accept so that fell through. I would have run out of financial aid before I could complete the degree. I went on the search and found American Public University. The tuition is very reasonable. I can always, if I decide to work on a Masters go to ASU. APU has course in screenwriting, so I am pretty jazzed about that tidbit.  One of the major things I want to get out of this degree is the ability to find my “voice”.  I am not sure if anyone else understands that statement.  For so long I have keep my thoughts to myself. I put a random post here and there on Facebook but I am not sure I have really told anyone in the last 15 years what I am thinking. Maybe that is why I started the blog.  It’s an avenue of expression.  Part of this stems from the first English class I took in College way back in 1981.  I wrote what I thought was a beautiful paper only to get it back basically dripping with red ink. I thought then writing might not be for me. My future was in medicine, I thought.  How silly was I? So now at 52, I am going to write. Right now, the first work is a children’s book. I do have ideas though. Some are “serious “works.  I read something the other day that fits right in to this conversation. “If you had wanted to be remembered kindly, you should have treated me better”. I just love that! Not sure who to create it too. Although not original to me, I do share that sentiment. Well, going for now. Take care and bless you and yours.


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