My Artwork “Homage to The New Colossus”

As some of you know, I am pursuing my B.A. degree at American Public University. For my American Poetry class, one of my assignments is a creative project based on an American poem. I chose the Emma Lazarus poem, “The New Colossus”.  Considering the political atmosphere of the past several months I believe this is as important to the fabric of the American culture than ever before.

My artwork has 3 dimensional elements that have been assembled into a background of tropical topaz blues with ivory and gold. You see the backdrop of the New York City skyline and the Statue of Liberty.  Elements of time, keys and gates are included. These represent, the immigrant’s key to a brighter future as they enter New York Harbor. The golden swirl is the energy of their future prosperity in America. In the upper left corner is a copy of the poem that has been printed on printable vellum. All elements were adhered with Modge Podge.  The actual piece measure 11×14. It is gessoed art board with 2 inch sides.

I am proud to be an American. I think this country was built on a melting pot of experience and traditions brought to us from all points of the world. With the exception of the Native American Indians, we are all immigrants. Our families all came here from somewhere. We owe those who pass through the gates of freedom with only the hopes of a new life, a debt of gratitude.

IMG_0696I hope you enjoy my artwork. I will be listing it for sale soon. Prints will be available on Fine Art under Art By Ms.Arleen.


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