22 years later…

I remember May 9th, 1990, like it was yesterday. The day I gave birth to my baby girl, Amanda Kathleen. From moment one I have called her Mandy. It was the first thing I said when they held her up. She was the most perfect little angel I had ever seen and the only word to sum up that beauty came out of my mouth, Mandy.  The memory brings tears to my eyes as I type, but they are good memories, the best kind.

The first night they brought Mandy in and she slept in the bassinet by my bed. I was so scared to sleep,afraid this perfect little gift from heaven would be gone if I drifted off. I held her little hand, she wrapped her tiny fingers around mine and I made a promise that is still true to this day, “Momma will always be here for you, just put your hand in mine.”

Hard to believe she is 22nd years old. Where have the years flown? She has grown into a gorgeous, creative, beautiful woman. She has an inner strength that I is remarkable. Her wit is sharp and to the point hilarious. I have long told her her calling should have been acting, the camera loves her.  She my little Taurus baby that I danced around the house singing “My Girl” to. ” I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day. When its cold outside I’ve got the month of May.” I sure do!



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